Art and furniture makes a home your own personal style. They can also reflect who you are as a person. So, why not choose pieces that reflect your style and persona, and which makes you feel at home? To go shopping, tap here.

“Into the Night”

A Little About My Art and Furniture

I have always enjoyed making things with my hands. In my studio, I use my hands and tools, and turn basic materials into creative pieces.

My process starts with devoting a lot of time envisioning and planning my pieces, such as, to the design, colors, textures, effects, and finishes. This lends to a piece that is imaginative and aesthetically appealing.

Custom Orders- I take CUSTOM ORDERS for those who would like a specific piece. You may let me know your thoughts on size, design, colors, textures, effects, and finishes, and I will conceptualize them. I am available for large commercial pieces, as well as custom home pieces.

I take great pride in my artwork and release only high quality pieces. So, please buy with confidence.

Much of my art is considered to be modern, contemporary, and abstract.

Whether, it’s a piece of furniture or artwork, I strive to create a piece that makes your emotions come to life each day. I look forward to making you an original piece, which you can proudly display and admire with your friends and family.

Check out my pieces here.

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