Looking up the St. Louis Arch

Looking up the St. Louis Arch

What are you going to do this summer in St. Louis?

How many times have we found ourselves asking the question to family or friends, “What do you want to do?” After a lot of back and forth of “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”, you end up doing nothing very exciting. Why is that? It’s because we waited to the last minute to plan something, when we should have planned it in advance. Some things take a little time and preparation, but a little effort makes it well worth it.

So, let’s make a list of what there is to do in St. Louis this summer. Then you can make a plan to have a great summer. Below are are some ideas, in no particular order, to help you have a great summer.

1. St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Game Buy some tickets and enjoy an afternoon or evening watching the game. St. Louis has one of the best teams in baseball.

2. Spend a day or even a few at a lake There are many small lakes in and around St. Louis. The department of conservation even has a map of the Missouri’s public lakes. With this map you can find a lake you would like to visit.

 Now, if you want to go to one of Missouri’s large lakes you will have to do a little driving to get there. Don’t worry, if you don’t own a boat. There are marinas that will rent what you need.

3. Float Trip Along the lines of going to a lake is spending the day on a river.

4. Six Flags/Hurricane Harbor

5. Missouri Botanical Garden

6. St. Louis Zoo

7. Visit a State Park

8. Meramec Caverns

9. Art Museum

10. Paddle Boat in Forest Park

11. World Bird Sanctuary

12. The Arch

13. Magic House

14. Butterfly House

15. Katy Trail

16. Eckert’s Farms

17. City Museum

18. The Muny

19. Grant’s Farm

20. Anheuser-Busch Brewery

21. Ted Drewes

22. Zipline

23. St. Louis Science Center

24. Fox Theater

25. Purina Farms

26. Laumeier Sculpture Park

27. Museum of Transportation

28. Miniature Golf

29. Go Karts

30. Mississippi River Cruise

31. Lone Elk Park

32. Concert in a Park

33. Soulard Farmers Market

34. Wolf Sanctuary

35. Missouri History Museum


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