-Our Exclusive Guides – Created to Help You Have a Successful Home Build-

Choosing a home builder is the most important part of a home build, because a builder can make your build a breeze or a living nightmare.

My guide has over 100 questions you can ask a builder. Here are 3 examples.

1) When was the last time you were in a law suit from a customer, and what was it about?
2) How often will we communicate and meet about the progress of my home build?
3) When a problem occurs with one of your home builds, what is your process to fix it?

Guide Benefits

  • Helps prevent financial loss
  • Reduces stress from the home build
  • Saves time by not having to research and develop your own system for finding, interviewing, and vetting builders
  • Gives confidence in your ability to pick and handle a builder
  • Takes the guesswork out of how to do it
  • Helps you start your home build right
  • Aids in getting the home you expect

3 Options

Silver - Basic Guide

Questions to Ask a Potential Home Builder

Basic Builder Questionnaire
$ 2
  • Probing Inquiry
  • Over 100 Questions
  • Reveals the Character & Effectiveness of a Builder
  • Works for All Types of Home Builds

Gold - Advanced Guide, Value Packed

How to Find, Interview, & Vet a Home Builder

Our In-depth Get-a-Builder Guide with Advanced Builder Questionnaire
  • Reveals Unique Methods for Finding High Quality Builder Candidates to Interview
  • Explains the Types of Agreements Used in Home Building
  • Includes Our Exclusive, Advanced Builder Questionnaire

    - Over 100 Probing Questions to Ask Your Builder Candidates

    - In-depth Explanations of the Questions, and Tips for How to Use Them. This helps you to understand the questions that you're asking the builder and to know how to be effective in your meeting with them.
  • 2 Builder Questionnaire Formats Included
    #1 is with Explanations & Tips.
    #2 is only the questions, for a compact version.
  • Reveals the Character & Effectiveness of a Home Builder
  • Teaches How to Assess & Research a Builder
  • Works for All Types of Home Builds

Diamond - Advanced Guide with Consultation

How to Find, Interview, & Vet a Home Builder, Plus Builder Review Consultation

Gold Level Guide + Expert Advice
$ 197
  • Everything in the Gold Level Guide- methods to find high quality builder candidates, explanation of agreements used in home building, 100 query advanced builder questionnaire (check out the Gold Guide for more details)
  • Plus My Builder Review Consultation Service- Submit by email your top candidate builders that you interviewed and the answered builder questionnaire, and I will personally review it and consult with you.