What is the first step in the home building process?

First steps in the home building process


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What is the first step in the home building process? That is the top question asked by those wanting a new construction home. The simple answer is good preparation by learning about home building and the tips and tricks to it; hiring a home building consultant; or a combination of both.

Let’s look deeper into it. This will help you understand what can happen if you don’t educate yourself or hire expert help before beginning your home build. It will also show you what to look for in a home building guide and what a home building consultant can do for you.

The Home Building Process is Like an Adventure Journey to the Jungle

While a new home build can be exciting. It is also an adventure journey, which is complicated, stressful, overwhelming, and expensive. So this is something that you don’t just dive into, or at least you shouldn’t.

Think about this illustration. If you went on an actual adventure journey to the jungle, would you just pick up and go straight to it? Of course not. Because, if you did, you might not make it out alive, or you would, at least, be really beat up by the end of it. Instead, you would fully prepare for it.

Now, the initial step in preparing yourself well for a jungle trip can come in a couple of different forms. The first possibility is by educating yourself thoroughly, which can be done through the internet, guide books, and other similar resources. The second way is to simply hire an expert to guide and assist you. And a third option is a combination of both- getting some education and some expert help.

Similarly, the same is true with your home building adventure journey. Good preparation is the key to getting through it successfully. And, in this case, that means you need to get educated about home building, get expert help on it, or do a combination of both.

Now, on the surface, this sounds obvious. But, what should be obvious is not always done. So, let’s talk about what mistaken first steps are made by many new home buyers and owner-builders.

Mistaken First Steps in The Home Building Process

Consider this. One of the mistakes new home buyers and owner-builders make is believing they need to, first, go buy some land, interview builders, have an architect draw up plans, or find a lender. Where, yes, these are steps toward the beginning of the home building process, it is not the first one to take. Education and expert assistance have to be acquired first in order to ensure that all other aspects of the home build have a chance at being successful.

Let’s prove this point with an example. Finding and hiring a quality builder is vital to a good home build because they have the most influence over the home building process and the home’s end result. So, if you hire the wrong builder, this makes for a difficult and problematic home build.

Now, imagine you need to find and screen builders for your home build. But you don’t know how to do it properly, such as how to question them or how to verify their capabilities. Your lack of knowledge, or by not using the help of an expert, could result in you hiring the wrong builder and, in turn, be detrimental to your build. This is a very costly mistake because of not taking some precautionary steps at the very beginning of the home building process.

Custom Home Building Education and Expert Help in the Home Building Process.

Now, let’s look at the correct first step, preparation by getting educated and expert help that is useful in the home building process.

As far as education, you want a home building guide that not only teaches the process, but also gives tools to use. Look for one that has tools, such as forms, checklists, and team member questionnaires. These are tools that you can take with you and use directly in real life.

Regarding expert help, a home building consultant specializes in the home building process. A home building consultant assists and guides you through the home build. They look out for your interest, and they can do as little or as much as you want. They work well for those wanting a high level of service and expertise in the home building process. Actually, a better term for some of them would have been home building agent, because they not only do consulting, but also perform tasks for the client.

A home building consultant can assist you with meetings and walk-throughs with the builder. They can answer questions or concerns. But, most importantly, a home building consultant finds and qualifies possible team members. This process involves a rigorous screening process. Team members may include a builder, an architect, interior designer, lender, real estate agent, inspector and attorney. These team members are the keys to a good build, so finding qualified ones is vital to your build.

The best part about a home building consultant is that you get not only them as a great asset on your team, but you get your entire home build team with their help.

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