Home building Consultant Questions and answers

At Superior Home Solutions we are asked many questions regarding solutions for new home construction, teardown home building, choosing the right home building consultant, and much more. Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions in hopes to help guide you in your new home construction process. If you have a question that is not answered below, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

A home building consultant specializes in helping others with the home building process. A quality consultant offers a high level of service and expertise. Actually, a better term for some of these consultants would be “home building agent”, because they not only do consultation, but they also perform work and tasks for the client.

A home building consultant looks out for your interest in the build. Other team member members, have many various tasks to perform, along with their own company interests to consider and protect. But the home building consultant’s focus is protecting your interests and getting the home you want in the most proficient manner.

Since they, basically, work as your personal assistant and guide through the home build, you can hire them to do as much as you want.

Specifically, a home building consultant can assist you with meetings and walk-throughs with the builder. They can answer questions and concerns. But, most importantly, a home building consultant can find and qualify potential team members for your home build. This process involves rigorous screening of a list of possible team members, such as, a builder, an architect, interior designer, lender, real estate agent, inspector and attorney. The team affects the build process and the home’s finished product, so the consultant’s job in finding a qualified team is vital to your build.

Really, the best part about a home building consultant is that once you have them on your team, you can get whatever else you need for your home build through them.

We most certainly can help build your home. Our consultation service and home guides can assist you through the home building process and get you the home you expect. 

Building a new home is really an adventure and a journey. And, as exciting as it is to build a new home, many buyers and owner-builders will say how overwhelming and stressful the homebuilding process is.

Why are they stressed out and overwhelmed? First, let me say that almost no home build goes exactly or perfectly as planned. But the overwhelming and stressful feeling they are talking about is because they didn’t perform their due diligence.

Why is your due diligence critical when building a home? Because home building is a long, involved, complicated process, and it requires a qualified team. So, as the decision maker, you have to do your part, which includes deciding the best way to get through your build. Now, your part doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend tons and tons of time on it. Yes, it will take some time. But, really, how much time you spend on it, depends on the help you want with your home build.

What type of help is available to get you through your home build? You can get expert service or a reference guide, or it could even be a combination of both. By paying for someone’s expertise and/or educating yourself in the home building process, you will be properly equipped. This will help you fulfill your due diligence and get you through the home building process, successfully.

Our prices vary depending on the service you want.

You can hire us for small, simple services for as low as $100, and the price increases from there according to the type of work performed.

Our all-inclusive service is the highest level of service, which covers from beginning to end of the home building process.

The best way to develop your service and price is to do a complementary discovery together. In the discovery, we will find out your goals, needs, and services you want. Then, we’ll take your discovery information and tailor a service package for you, along with the price.

I understand communication is very important when building a home. And, because every home build and person is different, we will determine, together, how and when will be best to communicate.


Although it’s better if we start helping you from the beginning of the home building process, we can still jump in later and assist you.


Saving money can come in different ways in a home build. It can come in the form of direct savings; for example, on the cost of your build team, floor plan, or option selections.

But, it also comes in the form of cost prevention, by means of being proactive and preventing costly mistakes. This type of savings is impossible to put a number on. But, really, this is where the big money is saved, because mistakes in a home build tend to be very expensive, like 10’s of thousands sometimes.

The best solution depends on your needs, traits, and expertise.

Here are a couple of questions to consider: Do you want a high level of service so that you have more time and reassurance, and less stress and anxiety? Or, are you more of a do-it-yourselfer, willing to learn and take risks; maybe with some guidance along the way?

Your honest answers to questions like this will help determine the best solution for you in getting through the home build process successfully.