Teardown Home Builds in Clayton Missouri

Teardown Home Built in Clayton, MO

The Heart of St. Louis County- Clayton

Clayton offers a sophisticated cityscape giving the best of all worlds. But it’s opportunity in teardown builds, to construct a majestic single-family house is sought after more than other type of residence. Why? Because of Clayton’s extraordinary residential neighborhoods which are within strolling range of downtown, offices, dining establishments, galleries, specialized boutiques, stores, schools, and recreational activities.

Clayton offers the ability to live a quality life with an impressive lifestyle. It integrates a busy downtown with quiet neighborhoods. This melding gives the city a charming, alluring quality.

Clayton is the heart of urbane St. Louis, an it’s conveniently located. There is access to major highways within minutes of it, and Lambert International Airport Terminal is only 10-15 minutes away.

One of the remarkable features about Clayton is it’s attraction for affluent businesses, like Centene. This feature makes Clayton such a hot place to live because you can work and live in the same location.

Clayton also has a plethora of recreational advantages. Take, for an example, the recreation center. It has sports, fitness, swimming, and other health activities. Also, there are well-manicured parks and locations for sports activities on lighted baseball, softball, sand volley ball, and football fields.

Adding to Clayton’s attraction is it’s access to quality education. Besides it’s own public educational system, there are several private colleges, high schools, and grade schools in the area.

And if you’re looking for something to do, there’s the Arch, Cardinal games, Blues Hockey, Soccer, St. Louis Art Museum, The Muny (outdoor musical theater), Science Museum, Saint Louis Zoo, Powell Symphony Hall, Fox Theater, and The Missouri Botanical Garden.

Why Teardown Home Building in Clayton is Attractive?

Yes, it’s not wonder why Clayton has become such a hot spot to live. But finding an undeveloped lot to build a new home on in this well developed city is not realistic. That is exactly why tear has become so popular here. With this method, you can buy an old house to knock down and build your new custom home in it’s place.

Clayton feels like my second home because I have built so many houses there over the years. There is an overwhelming sense of purpose when driving down a street and then realizing you built house after house, and that you helped build a community and a homeowners dream house.

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