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The Hometown and Community Feeling of Kirkwood

Kirkwood, Missouri is one of those communities that has a quaint charm about it. What gives it that feeling? Imagine walking down the sidewalk, or maybe it’s taking a short ride in your car. As you go, you pass a variety of unique homes, not a bunch of cookie cutter homes. They’re homes with character and varyious sizes and styles. Among all the homes are towering trees which adds to it’s ambience. Within a few minutes, you reach the business district. Your destination is the old town square area. There, you can go to the farmers market, see the old train station, shop at the small local stores, or get a bite to eat at an amazing restaurant and then have ice cream at Andy’s.

What adds to the appeal of living in Kirkwood is being located in central St. Louis County, which gives easy access to all that area offers. You are never too far from any destination in St. Louis- great schools, work, entertainment, and physical activities.

Teardown Home Building in Kirkwood MO

An established trend in housing in Kirkwood is teardown home building. The problem with many of the old homes is that even though they have a lot of character, they often cost too much to maintain and update. People love to live there, but they want a newer home. So they build a teardown homes. To make sure the new homes don’t clash with the old, Kirkwood has put in place specific architecture requirements so that the residential appearance is cohesive.

Tear-down home building was not as prevalent in Kirkwood during the early years of teardowns as they were in other townships. But that time has past, and the teardown home builders are there to fill the buyers need.

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