Town and Country

large custom home on a teardown lot

Prime Teardown Builder City- Town and Country

Best of Both Worlds- “Town and Country”

Town and Country, Missouri is one of the top cities in St. Louis to build a teardown home. Teardown builder clients love building new homes in this township because of the rural feeling without being far from modern conveniences and entertainment.

If you look at this city on google maps, you will notice the central location within the St. Louis metro area. Hence, being in the heart of the area, you can travel to most places in about 10-20 minutes. This luxury saves you valuable time and makes commuting more convenient. Imagine, driving to work, running errands, driving the kids somewhere, or going out for some fun, and you’re there in minutes. All of these factors make new home construction in Town and Country very appealing.

Besides the great location, the residential lots in Town and Country are amazing. Their lots are about 1 acre in size and flat or with a gradual slope. Many of these lots have the original, modest ranch home on them. So, these properties are perfect for tearing down the smaller house in order to build a large custom home. If you want an estate type of property, this is a great place to build a new home.

Town and Country is very personal to me because this is where I started building large custom homes. Also, there is great satisfaction in knowing that you helped build a community and a homeowners dream house.

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