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Buying a new home from a builder is very exciting. But if you buy a new home from a builder, please handle it with extreme care. Why? Because you are making one of the biggest and most important purchases of your life. This “how to guide” will teach you- the 2 types of builder homes and how to get a quality built home.

What is the difference when you buy a “to be built” or “spec” home?

It’s important to know the 2 types of homes that you can buy from a builder.

With a “to be built” home, you have a variety of house plans and options. The buyer forms a contract with the builder for a fixed price. The buyer chooses the lot, house model/design, and options. In this type of home build, you have a lot of control over it.

Spec stands for speculative. A spec home is built without a buyer lined up, in hopes of a buyer purchasing it when completed. The builder chooses everything about the house. If a buyer comes along during the construction process, the buyer chooses the remaining options (like flooring, paint colors, cabinetry, etc.)

How to control the quality from a builder when you buy a new home

If you buy a new home from a builder, don’t think they get to call all the shots. You have plenty of control in the quality of your new home. The following points will help you get the control.

Checklist List for buying a home from a builder

1. Write it into the contract

When writing up the contract, make sure to add a clause, if it’s not already in it, that the quality of the home must meet with your approval at all phases of construction. This clause allows you to inspect your home at any time and decline it’s quality if necessary.

2. Communicate with the Superintendent

Most likely, you will be working with the superintendent of the home build what you expect. When talking with him, inform him that you expect a quality house. In turn, he will be more inclined to check on the work.

3. Learn what makes a quality house

The only way you can really hold people accountable for their work is to know about it. You don’t need to know everything about it but, at least, learn the basics. Then, you need to inspect their work.

4. Walk Throughs, Quality Inspections

Plan “walk throughs” to get the house you want. During the build, walk throughs take place to ensure that the build is taking place according to the plans, to go over options, to make changes, and to inspect the quality of the build. Plan “walk throughs” at various stages of the framing process, before the drywall is put up, after painting, and before closing. If something doesn’t look right or if you’re unsure about how something looks, talk to the builder/superintendent.

How to get help when you buy a new home from a builder

If you’d like to learn deeper, broader information about building a home, read the article “How to Build a New Home Using a Builder.” This article covers all the phases of a home build from start to finish. To get help picking the right builder, check out our guide How to Find, Interview, and Vet a Home Builder.

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