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There are many ways to search for and find builders. Some of it’s not rocket science, as you will see. But, there are some very unique, key ways in finding quality builder candidates to add to your list. The best search methods take a little more effort but will produce better prospects. Imagine interviewing quality candidates right from the beginning, without having to sift out many low caliber ones.

How to Assemble Your List of Home Builder Candidates to be Interviewed

To help keep your builder search organized and effective, make a list of the builders. On the list, note their pros and cons and any insightful information that will help you determine if they are a likely candidate to interview. During the initial part of the search, there may be limited information to gather about the builder. Don’t be concerned though because this is just a preliminary fact gathering to see who you want to interview. After your fact gathering, you can sort through the list of builders, choosing the ones that you want to learn more about.

Are you ready to start your search for home builders? We’ll begin with the common, easy ways of finding them. Then, we’ll progress to the more effective ways of finding quality builders.

Easy, Common Ways to Find a Builder

Do a search on the internet for home builders in your area

Searching on the internet is nothing new, but the ever increasing power of the internet has made it a tremendous resource. The biggest and smallest home builders are aware of this power too and how important it is to have a presence on the internet. So, in order to capture attention and trust, many builders are willing to put themselves on the internet for public scrutiny, where search engines provide the public with the ability to give comments and reviews about the company.

Contact the local NAHB.org (National Association of Home Builders)

This is a group of builders who have joined together to promote and advocate for home building. Your local NAHB will have a list of local builders.

Search referral services online and read reviews to find a home builder that has served people well in the past

There are many websites, such as Houzz.com, Angi.com, and Yelp.com, that have referral services and/or reviews from users. Whether these referrals and reviews are trustworthy is debatable. From my viewpoint, it’s a place to start your search. But don’t just rely on a good review that you read and immediately hire one of these referred companies. You still have to perform your due diligence, which includes a thorough screening of the builder.

More Effective Ways to Find a Builder

The following methods for searching and finding a builder is where it gets good. Why? Because these sources have put the mark of approval and disapproval on builders.

Ask friends and family for referrals on home builders

Some people simply overlook this method of finding a home builder. But this is a significant way to find quality builders. Why?

Friends, family, and acquaintances will not hold back from telling you the good and the bad about the builder. They want what’s best for you and will make the effort to help you, so make sure not to forget to use this source.

Join social media platforms and home building groups within them

This is one area where social media can be a great resource. To benefit from them, join the various platforms, such as Facebook, Quora, and Reddit, and the home building groups within them. Inside the groups, ask the members for builder referrals. To help you with your search, use the “search” tool within each platform and group. These groups can be very helpful, giving vital information on who they used as a builder and their personal experience with them.

SuperiorHomeSolutions.com has several tailored groups depending on your build type. You can check out our groups on Facebook or through our website.

Drive around and find houses being built in your area and ones that have been recently completed

Driving around the area you want to build a home is a great way to find builders for a specific location. While driving around the area, simply go up to the homeowners and tell them you’re looking for builder referrals. You don’t necessarily have to do a full blown investigation when first meeting the owner, but while you are there, at least ask if they recommend the builder. Then, if the owner is busy, you could set up an appointment to talk with them.

Find houses under construction and talk to the workers

Experienced craftsmen know a well built house and who builds them. During a work day, find houses at various stages of construction and ask the workers about the home builder. Also ask them for other builders they recommend. Talk to the carpenters, especially the finish carpenters, because they know which builders want quality. And, if you are able to get in a house during the finishing stages, you can inspect the level of quality in materials and workmanship.

Contact reputable businesses that work with builders

Lenders, home inspectors, real estate agents, suppliers (like lumber companies), subcontractors, and other industry professionals work with builders regularly. So, they know the ones they like and trust and the ones to stay clear of. Contact reputable companies and institutions in these various industries to see which builders they recommend and why. Find out if the builder builds a house right, is easy to get along with, pays their bills timely, and manages their business well.

Ask the local building inspectors and building department

If your build will be in a regulated county with building permits and inspections, the local building department knows who the good builders are. Good builders don’t have a lot of violations or failed inspections.

When It’s Difficult to Find Home Builders During the Search

For some buyers and owner-builders, especially in rural areas, it may be hard finding quality home builder candidates to interview. Don’t be overly discouraged by this though.

In these locations, the search and interview process will be the same, but to find eligible builders, you may have to do some distant searches or pick some less than stellar candidates.

Whether you have stellar builder candidates or not, the builder questionnaire in our Get-a-Builder Guides will help you through the process. It will help you to see their strong and weak points, so that you can determine if a builder is acceptable to you or not. These guides will help you get the builder you want and reach a mutual understanding with them.

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