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The Story

From a young age, I remember always building and making things.  I made lamps, decor, shelves, stools, and benches. But one of my favorite things to build were clubhouses.

At the age of 9, our family moved into a new construction home with other homes being built around us. Of course there was a lot of scrap lumber around, so my friends and I could go crazy building clubhouses and making pieces to furnish them.

That ambition to build never left me. The only thing different is that the clubhouses turned into homes. I guess you could say, “It’s in my bones”.

The first home I built was over 25 years, and I still love to see a new home take shape. There’s something truly magical about it.

Everyone’s Home is a Part of Them

I have come to realize and appreciate over the years that our homes are an extension of us. We affect the home with quality, style, layout, decor, and efficiency and in turn it affects us with protection, comfort, and mood. Yes, in the end, it’s just a structure, but what we do with it and the memories we make there can be forever. It’s not a house anymore, it’s our home.

Superior Home Solutions is Here to Help You

Superior Home Solutions is designed to help you achieve the home you want and expect. We provide a range of solutions and resources to get you that home (including new home construction teardown builds). You can rely on us to be the “go to source” for your home.

What We Are

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Everything to help you build, buy, decorate, and furnish your home. Check out our blog articles.

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Personal service for your new home build. We can organize, find & vet team members, and guide you in your build.

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