New Home Construction Consultation

Want a New Home? Start with a Free discovery Meeting.

Building a new home is not easy. For you, there are negotiations and contracts, meetings, and problems to resolve.

We can help you build the home you expect.

Whether you want to build a new custom home or buy a home from a builder, our service can help you achieve your goal.

Use our 25 years of home construction experience to help build your new home.

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Our Home Consultation Service

Discover Your New Home Goals

We learn your home goals. And, if your not quite sure what they are, we will help you determine them.

Plan Your New Home Build Strategy

We will devise a plan based on your goals, so you can get the home you expect.

Implement the Build Plan

We find and vet your team. Tailored step-by-step guides, checklists, and consultation provided through out the build till move in day.

Custom Home Building Consultation

Building a custom home is very exciting, but it’s also very time consuming and stressful. As the owner-builder, you need good management skills to get the house you want. In that regard, you have to find and work with an architect, builder, designer, attorney, real estate agent, lender, inspector, mover, and more.

Our job is to make this process easier and better for you, so you don’t feel overwhelmed and uncertain about your new custom home build.


Tract Home Builder Consultation

Buying a home from a builder has it’s benefits, but it also has it’s challenges and concerns. Consider just a few examples- Is the builder reputable? What is the quality of their homes? How can I get the best deal? How to prepare for and handle meetings with the builder? How to protect yourself?

We will help you get the home you want and make the journey fun.

Take charge of your legal claims


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