Why is It Better to Build a New Home?

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As someone who has built homes for many years, I have seen first hand why it’s better to build a new home as opposed to buying an older home. That being said, this article is not against buying an older home, but instead, it is to list the reasons why building a new home is so rewarding and beneficial.

Building a new home is one of the most exciting times in your life. Whether you are buying a new home from a subdivision builder or building your own custom home, there is an overall satisfying feeling in it. You have created something from scratch, brand new; something that you can live in and use to enjoy life.

1. The Process of Building a New Home is Better

You might ask why the process of building a new home is better. Because it’s an adventure. You’re embarking on new territory and creating new ideas, exploring possibilities.

Now, some people may not have any interest is this part. But in reality, you’re missing out on a good, life experience if you don’t embrace it.

So, take on the challenge and enjoy the ride.

2. Customize the House to Your Liking

When building a new home, you have control over the customization of it. And this is especially true when building a custom home, because you have full control every detail of your house.

For example, when building a home, you pick the floor plan that works best for your lifestyle. Also, you choose how to stylize it. There are many options in colors, styles, textures, materials, and features. And the architect, designer, and builder will have an array of these available to you.

3. Everything is Brand New and Better in a New Home Build

One of my favorite reasons why it’s better to build a new home is that everything is brand new and under warranty. You don’t have to worry about fixing or updating the house. So, you get to enjoy your house from the first day. And it could be 10 or more years until you will have to do any repairs.

4. It’s Ready to Move In to It

Along the same lines as brand new is that it’s move-in ready. If you do it right, you don’t even have to paint the walls. Every detail of the house is customized to you and finished before you move into it. You could even have the pictures hung and the movers do all the heavy work.

5. The Technology is Better Today in New Homes

The rage is becoming smart homes. People love the cool factor and the convenience of smart products. Technology also adds protection and safety to you and the home.

Homes today can be pre-wired for entertainment systems, security, and internet. Yes, wireless is an option, but in reality wired is faster, more stable, and doesn’t need battery replacement in many cases.

With the proper planning, you can have a high functioning smart home that will make your life and home more enjoyable, convenient, cost-saving, and safer.

6. It’s Better to Build a New Home Because of New Energy Efficient Standards

Think for a moment how far we have come in being energy efficient. Years ago, homes had single pane- leaky windows, no insulation in walls or ceilings, and had energy guzzling HVAC and water systems. But as time goes on, better technology and practices make our homes more efficient.

Today you can have triple pane, fiberglass windows; a variety of insulation choices and thicknesses; high efficiency HVAC units; conservative and power efficient water systems; and solar power.

Depending on your budget, some of these things can be pricey. But in the long run, they will pay for themselves.

And many energy efficient features are just standard practice today. So really, you’re not paying any extra.

7. The Style is Up to Date

“Styles come and go.” We have all heard this saying.

But the nice thing about having a new home is that you have the most current style or trend.

Inside and out, your new home is en vouge, fashionable.

The two most common updates are the kitchen and bathroom, and they’re expensive and messy to do. How nice it is having the most current trend, so you won’t have to worry about updating for years to come.

8. It’s Better to Build a Home Due to New Building Codes

Whenever a new home is built, it is built according to the latest codes.

Building codes are forever improving. Making them safer for you, the community, and the environment when you build a new home.

However, older homes may have dangerous features, such as, poor wiring and electrical panels. Faulty components can be detrimental to your house and life-threatening to you.

So, a home built with the latest codes can give you peace of mind, knowing you and your family are safe.

9. Great Choices in Building Location

You have a lot control over the location of your home when building a new one.

If you are building in a subdivision, you pick the lot you want. And if you’re one of the first in the sub-division, there are many options.

Do you want a big lot or small one? Would you like a walkout basement? Do you want flat or hilly terrain? Would you like to be on top of a hill with a look out?

And when building a custom home, the are even more choices, especially with the popularity of teardowns today. You can look in any area you like, buy a lot or some land, and get to work on building your new home.

10. Low Maintenance Costs

If done right, new homes cost less to maintain.

As with most purchases, we can buy different levels of quality, from low quality to high quality.

Low quality products mean high maintenance. High quality means low maintenance.

For most of us, there is that sweet spot of getting the best bang for our buck. We want what will give us value, the best return on our investment. And this sweet spot is an ideal approach to building a new home. In turn, you will get a quality home with low maintenance costs.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t go high quality. But high quality items cost high-end money. If that’s in your budget, then go for it. Then you will not have to do updates and repairs for many years.

11. Resell Value Makes it Better to Build a New Home

New homes cost more than older homes, but their resell value is strong.

For the same reasons you want to build a new home, are the same reasons someone else will want to buy your home when you put it on the market. Buyers will expect to pay more for a newer home.

So, if it costs a little more in the beginning, don’t worry. You will recoup it later.

12. That Brand New Home Feeling

The feeling of owning any home is great, but the feeling of owning a brand new home is tremendous.

Your new home was created by you and for you. And you created it in a specific way to help you live and enjoy life. That personal tie to your new home makes it that much more special.

So have fun, and take an adventure by building a new home! It’s something that will benefit you for years.

If you would like help with your new home build, check out some of our other guides, like How to Build a New Home Using a Builder or How to Find, Interview, and Vet a Home Builder.

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